Tuition & Applications



Late Fees and Returned Check Fees

If tuition is not paid by Wednesday there will be a late fee of $15.00 charged to the account. If a check is returned for any reason, there will be a returned check fee of $30.00, assessed to the account.


K5 through 12th Grade 

Pre-Registration: $250.00 for K5 - Grade 12 (Non-refundable)


Pre-Registration for 2018-2019 school year will begin February 1st. It will end on March 1st. Everyone who pre-registers will receive a discount on tuition.



$300.00 for K5 - 12th Grade (Non-refundable; Does not apply if you pre-registered.)


The registration fee is due upon application. It is non-refundable. The registration provides for the staff, supplies, and equipment to maintain the school office that manages parent/student affairs, cumulative folders, and accounting records.


Student Resource Fee

K-5 $355 per student; 1st-12th $475 per student


The Student Resource Fee covers the cost of the books, student insurance, certain student supplies, and classroom teaching supplements. This Fee also provides for vehicle fuel costs for field trips, computer/software upgrades and replacements, and technology improvements. Students will also receive the yearbook without additional cost.


Please note that 10 payments are offered to make monthly payments more affordable. This is NOT how much it costs for any particular month of school, but is broken up into 10 payments for your convenience. 



1 Child:  Annual Tuition:  10 Payments

K5 - 3rd:  $4,250:  $425

4th - 6th:  $4,300:  $430

7th-12th:  $4,350:  $435


Pre-Registration Pricing

1 Child:  Annual Tuition:  10 Payments

K5 - 3rd:  $4,000:  $400

4th - 6th:  $4,050:  $405

7th-12th:  $4,100:  $410


Multi Child Discounts

Child:  Discount

2nd Child:  10%

3rd Child:  15%

4th Child:  $20%


Late Fees and Returned Check Fees

A late fee of $15.00 is added to the students account after the 5th of the month. A returned check results in a $30 returned check fee to cover bank charges.


General Financial Policies

A student will not be enrolled in HCA if there is a previous financial obligation to another school. Before a student will be admitted to the school, all previous tuition and fees must be liquidated.


Any account that is outstanding 60 days after due date may cause the student to be suspended until payment is brought up to date.


At the end of a semester, if there are any financial obligations, fees, or late charges, the child will not be allowed to take his/her final examination, participate in Kindergarten or High School graduation, or any other activity involving HCA. We will not report a grade for that semester or release student records for that student.